Wedding and Engagement Rates

Engagement Session*

Congrats on your engagement! Take the first step towards remembering this special moment and book an engagement session. Your images will be lightly edited for color, contrast and exposure, and will be delivered via USB/gallery.


Ricky and Shirley @ Old



Chase and Hazel @ 20 Mile House

Ceremony Only*

Planning just a quick and simple wedding ceremony? Or just want to have the "big moment" photographed? No problem! This is the perfect option for those who need something simple yet affordable. Includes post-wedding portraits. Your images will be lightly edited for color, contrast and exposure, and will be delivered via USB/online gallery. Expect about 100 images to be delivered within 10 days.


Ceremony + Reception*

Looking for coverage of just the ceremony and reception? This is the option for you. Includes post-wedding couple portraits. Please note, this does not include pre-ceremony coverage, such as bride and groom preparation . Your images will be lightly edited for color, contrast and exposure, and will be delivered via USB/online gallery. Expect about 250 images to be delivered within 10 days.


Ricky and Shirley @ Hagginoaks Golf Couse
Jen and Emily @ Sequoia Lodge in Oakland

All Day*

This choice covers your big day in it's entirety. I will be there to capture the day as it unfolds, giving you a consistent and thorough collection of images. A lot happens aside from saying "I do" and sharing a first dance. Be sure to capture every moment. Your images will be lightly edited for color, contrast and exposure, and will be delivered via USB/online gallery. Expect about 300 images to be delivered within 10 days.



*Options: 2nd Photographer ($200); Destination Wedding ($Depends on location); Keepsake box of "proofs" ($100); Albums & Prints ($Varies) **The above packages can be customized. If you're looking for just slightly different coverage, let's talk! My hourly rate is $150 for "a la carte" options.


What style of photos can we expect?

I take a photojournalism approach to wedding photography. This means no staged photos, capturing events as they naturally happen, staying out of your way, and little-to-no editing. If you're looking for stylized or "un-natural" wedding day photos, I would be happy to recommend such photographers, but that is frankly not my approach.

Why are your prices so cheap? What gives?

This is a controversial topic in wedding photography, but I'll try to keep my answer simple. First and foremost, I don't spend that much time editing and processing wedding photos. This is called "post-production" in the industry. I take more joy in photography than I do staring at a computer screen. Plus, my style doesn't require me to spend a lot of time in post-production. I make sure I correct as many problems behind the lens rather than behind the screen. Some photographers spend a lot of time preparing their images for final delivery, doing everything from "Photoshopping" every wrinkle to cropping each image. This doesn't include "editing down' images, meaning selecting which images to even process. For every image you (the client) receives, there are probably two or three images most photographers didn't select for processing. All told, such an approach means the photographer is spending many, many hours in "post-production," which the client will probably pay for. I don't, and my prices reflect this. Second, I feel my prices are more than fair. Weddings are expensive endeavors, and the general practice of "price-gouging" across the wedding industry, is, in my opinion, unethical. Also, I am a "weekend warrior" wedding photographer, also known as a semi-professional. I am trained, experienced and knowledgeable across the photography spectrum - but not all of my income is from photography. There is a market for such photographers, as not every couple can afford to spend $2000+ on photography alone - nor should they. 

What is your turn-around time?

I generally say no longer than 10 business days. In practice, however, you'll probably receive the final images 3 to 5 days after your wedding day. This is much quicker than the industry standard. There are two reasons for this. First, I normally work on one job at time, meaning nothing else is taking my focus away from completing your images. Second, I don't spend much time in "post-production." I have a photojournalistic approach to photography, and this means I am trained to spend more time behind the camera than behind a computer.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes! Let me know where your wedding is and we can figure something out. There may or may not be an extra fee for travel. It depends upon the venue location.

What equipment do you use?

Every so often I'm asked what equipment I use. For weddings I use two full-frame Canon DSLRs, a 24mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, and 135mm f/2. I might have an additional camera/lens in rotation, but this set-up is my "goto" wedding kit.

Do you have an assistant?

Not generally. Unless a wedding is complex or the logistics require two photographers, I will be the only photographer. Certain instances might require me to hire a "second-shooter,' and can be discussed on an individual basis. There will be an additional fee if both the client and myself feel another photographer would be beneficial.

Other Rates: General Hourly Rate: $150, up to 5 hours. Daily flat-rate of $700 for anything over 5 hours.